Monday, November 25, 2013

Long Live the Queen!

Our unit study for this past four weeks has been the Victorian Era.  Queen Victoria reigned in England from 1837 - 1901 so our focus was on any event in the world (excluding America) during these years.

Monday, October 21 - our kick-off for the Victorian Era: art in the form of Degas, wearing an Indian sarong, and reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Tuesday, October 22 - Jared's last soccer game for the season
Wednesday, October 23 - our Young Women in Excellence program (Hannah and Helena both attended, plus Beryl, Cailin, and Mikayla!)
Thursday, October 24 - Grandma Mattson's birthday and we studied A is for animals for "Skittles School"
Friday, October 25 - Trunk or Treat! Clarissa and Jerikka are Sister Missionaries, Krystal and Amber are Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast Princesses, and Seth and Jared are from NASA. Also, it was Luke's (Jared's friend from China) birthday so Jared skyped with him after the party while at the Morgan's house. Jared and Clarissa spent the night at the Morgans and we had the young women spend the night at our house.

Saturday, October 26 - Stake Youth Temple Trip in Washington D.C. The kids stayed with Christine and she took Seth and the girls to the Walker's house for a Halloween party.
Sunday, October 27 - I attended Ward Council and was emotional over being called "Molly Mormon" and told I had control issues.
Monday, October 28 - We had our group activity for history group at the Walker's house and carved our pumpkins for Family Home Evening.
Tuesday, October 29 - We dressed up yet again, this time for a Halloween party at Clarissa's school.
Wednesday, October 30 - While picking up all the youth for mutual, my Dad called and informed me that my Grandma Hansen passed away. For young men's they did a service project installing insulation in a dirt basement and Jared got filthy dirty, he did invite Jessie to go with him and he came!
Thursday, October 31 - HALLOWEEN! We had a Halloween party at our house with the homeschool kids. We decorated cookies, played games, and explored a dissected cow embryo! We had dinner and went trick-or-treating at the Turpin's house.
Friday, November 1  - We dressed up again! This time it was for a Halloween party at Dublin Presbyterian with one of Jared's friends from soccer.  I also found out on the way there that my mom was in the hospital with blood clots and decided to go to California to be with her while my dad went to his mom's funeral.
Saturday, November 2 - It was difficult to decide to leave Seth here with Chris, but we thought that it would be best for him to stay with his siblings as he would be bored on the plane and at my parent's house. We drove to Roanoke to take me to the airport only to find that the flights to Charlotte were cancelled so we turned around and drove down to Charlotte.  On the way we dropped Jared off with the Smiths so that he could go to Garrett's Halloween party, unfortunately he had no costume, but he still had fun.
Sunday, November 3 - I went to church with my mom and Desi and Gabe. I missed Chris conducting Sacrament for the first time.
Monday, November 4 - My mom and I went to Simi Valley to visit with my Grandma Beth and Aunt Kathy while the kids were at school. Jolene and Teresa and Nathan came up to Tehachapi to visit and brought us dinner. The kids did their presentations at the Brame's house, I helped them get ready for them on Saturday, but I didn't get to see them on Monday.
Tuesday, November 5 - My mom and I looked through some family history journals and documents then went to lunch. Tuesday evening when my dad and brothers and sister came back from the funeral we had fun looking through the old pictures from my grandparents. I spent the night at Jolene and Jonathan's house and Jolene drove me to the airport on Wednesday. It was an all day trip back home and I was so happy to see Chris and the kids again that night.
Wednesday, November 6 - I spent the night at Jolene and Jonathan's house and Jolene drove me to the airport on Wednesday. It was an all day trip back home and I was so happy to see Chris and the kids again that night.
Thursday, November 7 - Liam didn't come for "skittles school" but Marshall came over to play with Amber.
Friday, November 8 -  Krystal made cupcakes for our dessert and Jared watched the kids while Chris and I went on a date to see "Ender's Game." I started feeling sick with a cold that ended up lasting 3 weeks!
Saturday, November 9 - I shampooed the carpets and then in the evening took the youth to a Tri-Stake Activity in Roanoke.
Sunday, November 10 - My counselor, April, attended ward council for me. I taught the lesson on Work.
Monday, November 11 - We had book group for "The Good Master." We did activities about Hungary and their traditions for Easter and Christmas.
Wednesday, November 13 - We had a Career Night for mutual. We had 6 different presenters and it was great!
Thursday, November 14 - For Skittles school we learned about water, did some experiments with water and did some watercolor painting. I was really impressed with Amber's paintings.
Friday, November 15 - We had an "end of the unit" Victorian Etiquette Dinner at the Brames house. So, of course, we dressed up again. We had a 4 course turkey dinner and then afterwards watched The Muppets Christmas Carol.
Saturday, November 16 - Chris was gone helping with a wood-cutting service project, I cleaned the house and then in the evening we took family pictures for our Christmas cards. After that we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then went to Walmart to buy some garlic pills for me and some orange juice for Seth because we were both still sick and I was pretty sure we had sinus infections.

Sunday, November 17 -  April taught the young women's lesson on gratitude.

A couple other things to mention this month, but there aren't specific dates for: Chris and I talked about buying a bigger house, we looked at some houses online and even went to the bank, but we quickly decided that we didn't want to spend more money on a house payment and I set my mind to take better care of the house we have now which is why I spent most of my Saturday's this month deep cleaning the house and carpets, etc.

Also, at 17 months Seth still isn't talking, but I borrowed some Signing Time videos from my mom and he loves them so we have been teaching him sign language and he has caught on very quickly.  He has been using many of the signs and has even started attempting some real words like "No" (of course), cracker, thank you, and of course mama and dada.  For eat he makes an eating sound and drink he makes a drinking sound while signing the words.  So cute!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Civil War Unit

For the past four weeks we have been studying the Civil War and hopefully I will get some time to add a few pictures, but until is our daily calendar:

Monday, September 16 - Jared is really doing well in his art class, we had book group for Little Britches.
Tuesday, September 17 - Jared had writing workshop and drama (they are going to perform A Suessification of Romeo and Juliet). Clarissa had tutoring and Jared had soccer.
Wednesday, September 18 - During some free time the girls dressed Seth up in some of their pretty dresses, he thought he was so cute! I had a Presidency meeting, Amber had dance class and for Young Women's we made a plan for the YW in Excellence program and did Personal Progress interviews. The girls also filled out talent and interest surveys so we know what their interest are for activities.
Thursday, September 19 - For Friend School we did the letter "T" for train. We also learned about weather like Thunderstorms and Tornados and made windsocks.  Krystal went to workshop, Jared and Krystal had piano, Clarissa had tutoring, the girls had dance and Jared had soccer. Chris is still in China, so I am running around super busy. At 7 we had a Relief Society meeting and I taught the portion about how to prepare children for General Conference.
Friday, September 20 - In the morning we went to Wal-mart to pick up Krystal and Clarissa's glasses. They both love them. After lunch we went on a hike to the Shot Tower and Foster Falls. It was a lot of fun, a little wet, but a great nature hike. Jared worked on his foam board airplane and we had a dumpling making party with Christine and Beryl and a fun Chinese dinner with the Brames and some of the Hales. The food came out pretty good this time.Cailin spent the night.
Saturday, September 21 - At 7:30 in the morning I had a young women's meeting with Cailin and Beryl and my Presidency to plan our upcoming activities for the next 6 months. We planned through March, it was great. The girls all went swimming at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center and I took Jared to get a milkshake and then go shop for some church clothes and get his suit tailored. The tailors were from China, we thought that was so funny that we were taking his Chinese suit that we should have gotten tailored in China to some Chinese tailors in America and paying way too much for it.
Sunday, September 22 - I had Ward Council meeting in the morning so the kids went to Christine's house.
Monday, September 23 - Jared had art in the morning and in the afternoon we had the Civil War kickoff at our house. Amber Walker was in charge. We talked about how the Latter Day Saints were involved in the War. We also played a game-show type game to learn about the War.
Tuesday, September 24 - Workshop, drama, tutoring, and soccer. Visited Donna Burkett to ask about her sons baptism.
Wednesday, September 25 - I went shopping in the morning to get ingredients to make my Dad's green jell-o. Presidency meeting, dance, and Young Women's. I visited Jamie Zander outside in the rain and invited her girls to Krystal's party. For Young Women's we shared family stories and family recipes. The food was good and the stories were funny. Rosa and Lily Salamanca came!
Thursday, September 26 -  We did "S" for soldiers. For science we did soil and made worm habitats. They loved the worms.  We ate dirt pie for snack and Seth loved the chocolate pudding and made a huge mess! Workshop, piano, tutoring, dance, and soccer.
Friday, September 27 - I surprised the kids by taking them skating for Krystal's birthday. She turned 9! The girls made cookies with Michelle Atkins, our neighbor. At 5:30 we had Krystal's birthday party. The kids rode the wagon down the hill, painted each other's faces, played pin the glasses or crown on the princess, etc. Vicki and I chatted while the girls played, it was low key and fun. That night we picked Chris up from the airport! Yay!
Saturday, September 28 - There was a Stake Youth Activity at Randolph Park. Rosa, Lily, and Hannah Jarrell all came, along with Cailin, Mikayla, and Beryl! Chris took the van over to the Smiths and replaced the bearings. At 3 we went to Isaiah's baptism.  Chris's parents showed up after the baptism and then at 5 we all went to the Brames for an Autumn Moon Festival dinner party.  I made Chinese egg tarts. At 7:30 we went to the church for pie and to watch the Relief Society Broadcast.
Sunday, September 29 - Fast Sunday. Chris was ordained as the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric and ordained to the office of a High Priest by his dad. We had birthday cake for Bill and Krystal.
Monday, September 30 - Jared had art and in the afternoon we went to the Walkers for a group activity about the Underground Railroad. I was in charge of the activity and invited Sis.Campbell to come tell us about her Underground Railroad quilt.  Then we did a treasure hunt with clues and activities to learn about different ways the slaves hid on the Underground Railroad. I took dinner over to Nicki Watson because she recently had surgery, I enjoyed talking with her for a while. For Family Home Evening Chris did a power point presentation about our apostles in preparation for General Conference.
Tuesday, October 1 - Workshop, drama, tutoring, and soccer. Chris is happy to be back coaching the team.
Wednesday, October 2 - Nicki Watson came over in the morning and hung out with us while we did school.  We talked about what to do for projects. Presidency meeting, dance and YW.  For Young Women's we wanted to do a service project so working with Barry Hale we found a lady that needed her bushes trimmed. The young men came to help us too, but it got dark really early and the power trimmers wouldn't work.  It wasn't the best activity, but Rosa and Lily and Meredith came along with Beryl, Cailin and Mikayla.
Thursday, October 3 -  Today we did "U" is for uniform and the kids loved dressing up like soldiers and policemen.  For science we learned about fish and snails in aquariums and went to April Turner's house to look at their aquarium. The rest of the day was workshop, piano, tutoring, dance and soccer. I talked with the Sister missionaries at the park and gave them a referral. During dance, I went to got visit the Garcias and had a nice chat with Lupita and Noberto.
Friday, October 4 - We drove to Staunton to attend the home school days event at the Frontier Culture Museum. It was so neat.  They had farmsteads from different countries and time periods.  There was an African, English, Irish, and German farm and three different American farms with working animals, garden, and games and activities for the kids. The Hales almost got in an accident on the way there with Jared in the car, we were all so blessed that nothing happened, but they did have to fill out police reports for being witnesses.
Saturday, October 5 - General Conference.  As a Bishopric member, Chris needed to be at the church for General Conference, but we watched the first session at home.  We tried something new this year (an idea I found while planning for the class I taught), we ran a concessions stand and the kids earned tokens for each talk they listened to quietly.  They also had many activities to work on.  The internet didn't work very well, so we went to the church for the afternoon session. We fed the missionaries for dinner.
Sunday, October 6 - We attended both sessions of conference at the church. This General Conference focused a lot on missionary work.  There were also several good talks about morality and the sanctity of the family.
Monday, October 7 - Jared had art in the morning and we had Presentations after lunch.  Jared chose not to do a presentation and lost his computer privileges.  Amber did a presentation about the animals in the Civil War. Clarissa did a report on Clara Barton and Krystal did her project about the food that was eaten during the Civil War.  We had fun making Johnny cakes and hardtack.
Tuesday, October 8 - workshop, drama (Jared auditioned for parts last week and found out he is going to be Benvolio), tutoring, and soccer.
Wednesday, October 9 - Presidency meeting, dance, and Young Women's.  It was Joint activity for the YM and YW.  Finn McKinley planned a great activity called "Avoiding the Fiery Darts of the Adversary."  The leaders threw tennis balls at the youth and the youth had to deflect the balls with racquets.  They loved it!  The bishopric also did temple recommend interviews for the upcoming temple trip. Rosa, Lily, Hannah, Beryl, Cailin, and Mikayla are all planning to attend!
Thursday, October 10 - We did "D" for drums. The kids first learned about the dessert with Jared and then we made drums and did fun activities. Jared has been busy the last couple days making duct tape wallets and purses to sell as a fundraisers for his drama class.  Workshop, piano, tutoring, dance and during dance I took Amber and Seth to the Morgans house for Kendrick Bird's birthday party.  It was fun to just talk with adults and not be in charge of anything :). I also visited with Angie Jarrell again that day and took Chris to meet her.
Friday, October 11 - We had a picnic lunch at the Clebourne Wayside and learned about the battle of Cloyd's mountian. It was a small battle during the Civil War, but it is really close to where we live. It is so neat to be living where such an important part of history happened. In the evening we had a birthday party for Jared. His friends came over for a campout, campfire sleepover. We had hot dogs and then they played capture the flag with glow sticks for like 4 hours in the dark. The cake was really cool, I made a S'mores cake with a campfire on top!
Saturday, October 12 - Jared and Clarissa worked at the Newburn Fall Festival for the drama class fundraiser.  Chris and I did some yarkwork at home. Then I took the kids to pick out pumpkins at the festival when I picked up Jared and Clarissa. That evening Chris and I attended the adult session of Stake Conference then got milkshakes afterwards. Jared and Clarissa did a great job of watching Seth.
Sunday, October 13 - In the morning we had Ward Council, we are to make some goals about conversion, activation, and retention. It was Stake Conference, there was a lot more talk about missionary work.  We had Rebecca and Ryan Brittle over for dinner with their two cute little kids.  They are in our ward for a short time and then will be moving out, but it was still nice to meet them.
Monday, October 14 - Jared had art and in the afternoon we had book group for the book, "Shades of Gray." It was a good book about the Civil War. Hannah Jarrell started attending seminary!!
Tuesday, October 15 - Jared is 14! Happy Birthday Jared you get to spend your day at school...workshop and drama.  Clarissa started her first day of the after school program after tutoring.  She loved it. Jared had a soccer game in the evening and wore his American bandana to celebrate it being his birthday.  Chris took him for a milkshake after we got home and ate dinner.
Wednesday, October 16 - Took Amber to dance and picked up Cailin for a Presidency meeting. We made our goals and planned for the Nov. Career Fair and the Trunk or Treat. For Young Women's we played basketball games. It was fun and Cailin did a good job planning the games.
Thursday, October 17 -  "F" is for Flag and Five Senses.  The kids made fingerprint flag and did activities using their five senses. Then, workshop, piano, tutoring and afterschool program cut short for dance, then soccer. During dance, I picked up Cailin and she and I visited with the Salamancas and Garcias. It went well, we delivered invites for YW in Excellence and gave them some flowers.
Friday, October 18 - We took another field trip, this time to the New Market Battlefield. We did the School of the Soldiers tour and it was great. Jared went to the Bi-Stake campout and the rest of us had dinner at the McKinleys to talk about China because Jack will be going there soon for his work.
Saturday, October 19 - Housework, getting Halloween Costumes and then a work party at the bowling alley.  I am hoping this will be a great missionary opportunity.

When people ask how things are going, I just respond that we are really busy!  We are all enjoying our various activities and having a lot of success with learning and friends and our spiritual progression. Life is good. The biggest problems right now are that the house is always a mess, although we do clean it occasionally in between running around and that Seth still wakes up at night (he also got a huge bump on his forehead at the McKinleys, just in time for Halloween pictures!). 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back in the Saddle

We are finally home and people keep asking if we are getting settled in.  To me the term "settled in" infers a slow progression, so I wouldn't quite call it "settling in."  More like...jumping in full speed ahead without your gear attached, but with a smile on your face and just enjoying the ride.  Shall I attempt to sum up life since China in one sentence? One long run-on sentence.  The first week was getting over jetlag, followed by packing to go to California, boxes from China arrived the night before we left, drive to Texas, pop two tires, pick up Emily and Desi in Arizona, a fun week in California, back to Arizona and Texas, a crazy impromptu decision to go back to California for three more weeks, long drive home in 3 days, got chickens back, attempt to clean and de-clutter portions of house while planning for school, baby in full toddler mode, writing class, try to enjoy last bits of summer and garden, reorganize and catalouge home library, field trip, yardwork, sleepovers, several wood-working projects, called as Young Women's President, start school a week early, have friends for Chinese dinner, get caught up on immunizations for Seth, new tires on van, birthday parties, Labor Day, soccer, crafting, weaning baby, games, books, training meeting, library, scrapbooking, paper mache, sewing lessons, cooking with kids, husband to China, new battery in van, glasses for girls, project presentations, dance, art, drama, workshops, piano, tutoring, teaching "little friend school," presentation on China at library, husband called into the Bishopric! What? I mean, why not...when you are this busy, what's one more thing, right?

Now, just for me so I don't forget (and I can erase the whiteboard to start a new month) and I might actually go back someday and add pictures, here is the day by day schedule of the last month:
Wed. August 7 - home, enjoying chickens, Seth explores house, learns to climb ladder to bunkbed
Mon. August 12 - kids make cookies and popsicles while I plan for school, organize home library
Fri. August 16 - boys on campout, girls night out - progressive milkshakes
Sun. August 18 - dessert at Smith's house
Mon. August 19 - Jared starts writing week, field trip to Radford theater, watch "Planes"
Tues. August 20 - Hung up timeline in hall, family pictures included
Wed. August 21 - Meeting about history group schedule, girls stay and bake cookies, Scouts/Activity Days, interview with Bishop to receive calling
Fri. August 23 - Spaghetti dinner for Luke
Sat. August 24 - housework, Picnic with girls in backyard, Chris finishes necklace racks, help with chicken coop, Sterling's circus birthday party
Sun. August 25 - called to be Young Women's President, make scrapbook for Emily
Mon. August 26 - start school, in charge of History kick-off 1850-1900 America
Tues. August 27 - started great grandmother's journal, Seth to dr. for 6 immunizations, Clarissa starts tutoring, meet with Julie about YW, Chinese dinner with Brames
Wed. August 28 - Seth is 15 months, working on weaning, Babysitting kits for YW
Fri. August 30 - Pres. mtg at church
Sat. August 31 - housework, clean basement, Jared and Chris help Nancy move, Bill and Laura come
Sun. September 1 - Fast Sunday, taught combined lesson on Fasting, make picture book for Alex
Mon. September 2 - Labor Day, with grandma, girls and Morgans at Claytor Lake, Chris work on coop
Tues. September 3 - Indian history activity, tutoring, Jared starts soccer, Seth has fever
Wed. September 4 - Pres. mtg at church, Amber starts dance, kite activity for YW, blessing for Seth
Thurs. September 5 - first "Little Friend School" letter I, Jared starts piano, tutoring, girls start dance, soccer, home with Seth and Amber
Fri. September 6 - apple dolls, dried apples, string popcorn, Seth has measles rash
Sat. September 7 - Auxiliary training, soccer, Seth still has rash
Sun. September 8 - Ward council mtg (missionary goals), lesson on language, Class Pres. mtg, work on Tuckers scrapbook
Mon. September 9 - sewing doll clothes, Jared starts art, project presentations - John Deere, Yellowstone, Early American dolls, The Apple Doll, work on Tuckers scrapbook
Tues. September 10 - work on China pictures, Jared starts drama, tutoring, soccer, buy food for Chinese friends
Wed. September 11 - Chris leaves for China, plan kids schedules, Pres. mtg, dance, joint YM/YW service scavenger hunt
Thurs. September 12 - Little Friend School letter C, workshop, Krystal starts piano, tutoring, dance, soccer, Henrietta missing
Fri. September 13 - China presentation at library, Chris extended call to Bishopric
Sat. September 14 - soccer, Primary fair, fall festival at Belmont Christian, new battery for van, order glasses for girls
Sun. September 15 - Chris called to be Bishop, home teachers, read Little Britches

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Culinary Arts

A lot of our home schooling happens in the kitchen.  I have always wanted to learn to make homemade tortillas and finally set my mind to it.  They are actually pretty easy, although a little time consuming, but the taste makes up for the time spent making them.
Homemade tortillas taken to a whole new level, taco salad shells.  These are baked over quart size canning jars.  Healthy and yummy.
We have never really liked things that are flavored with curry, but I hate to give up on something so rather than write off curry forever, I decided to make my own curry.  It was fun, beautiful and a keeper, everyone liked it.  I used it in an Indian dish.
The kids join in on this project, making bread bowls for soup.  It was their ideas to try the jars and it worked great.  Plus, the potato corn chowder was a great way to use up all those potatoes and corn from the garden.
Tres Leches (3 milks) cake made for a baby shower.  It was melt-in-your-mouth wonderful.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Days of School

 It's that time again, fussy baby or time!
Part of getting ready for school this year was yet another face lift for the school room, this time with color and new shelving.  Here are the before and after pictures of our custom designed and built school room.

On the first day of school the kids woke up to find their school books and supply kits along with homemade chocolate zucchini muffins.
Seth is ready for the first day of school, wearing a onsie that says "Too Cool for Preschool."
Seth is also modeling our stack of read aloud books for this year.
While weeding the carrots we found this cool looking caterpillar and researched to find out that it will become an Eastern Black Swallowtail butterfly.  We put the caterpillar in a jar and in a couple of days found this cool chrysalis.  In a couple weeks we came home to find this beautiful butterfly.  Unfortunately we missed seeing both transformations, but it was still good science to see the stages that a butterfly goes through.

In the book "The Witch of Blackbird Pond," the girls worked on their sewing, needlepoint and knitting each night so we decided to learn a little bit about these arts.  Krystal is learning to crochet.
Clarissa works on some needlepoint.
This is the flower that Clarissa made.
These are some headbands that I crocheted by watching a tutorial online.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bridge Building

Today was our kickoff for our history and math Mondays.  We had a bridge building activity where we talked about how to bridge the gap between history and the gospel and then built bridges using different materials.  Liam, Amber and Krystal worked together in a group to build their bridge out of legos.
Cailin, Clarissa, and Delaney built a bridge out of marshmallows and toothpicks (it held just long enough for the picture).
Connor and Jared built a bridge using playing cards.  It held just fine, but wouldn't bare any weight.
Janet and Beryl were the master bridge builders with their bridge of straw and tape.
Then, the older kids worked on finding ingredients for cookies from the scriptures, we wanted to show that the scriptures are a great resource and can help you with many aspects of life, even making cookies.
Putting together the ingredients for our scripture cookies!  We hope to have a great year studying Early American History and the other world events that happened during that time period. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Summer Shakespeare Project

This summer the kids worked with some of their friends to put together an adaptation of Shakespeare's, "The Taming of the Shrew."  One of the things they did to adapt the play besides cutting it shorter was to make it a western.  Here is Jared at Peter (originally known as Petruchio) with his servant Greg, riding into town to look for a rich wife.
In the meantime, we meet Clarissa as Bianca, the sweet and virtuous daughter, Cailin as Katharina (or Kate), the Shrew and their father Baptista.  Baptista explains that although Bianca has many suitors, she cannot be married until her older sister Kate is married first.
Kate and Bianca fight (they loved this part).
Peter is introducing Horace (formerly known as Hortencio) to Baptista as an archery teacher in disguise whose real intent is to woo Bianca.  Peter has made a deal with Horace that he will help Horace to get Bianca for his wife and he himself with tame Katharina and have her for his wife and all her riches.
The kids did a dance to "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountian" before the wedding of Peter and Kate.
Peter shows up to the wedding wearing this ridiculous costumes and explains that Kate should be happy to marry him, not his clothes.  This is only the beginning of his tactics to tame this shrew.
Bianca with her Father Baptista.  What Baptista doesn't know is that all this time, Bianca is falling in love with Luke (or Lucentio) another suitor in disguise.
All the servants waiting for Peter to bring his new wife home.
Amber and Krystal were two of Peter's servants who helped to bring Kate food and water upon her arrival, which Peter quickly sent away to keep her humble.
Bianca and Luke are studying, "The Art of Love."
The shrew is tamed and comes back with Peter to prove that her love is more true than that of Bianca's and Luke's as she has learned to obey her husband and live Happily Ever After.
The whole cast, they did a wonderful job!  We are so grateful for Christine and her efforts of re-writing the script and directing these talented Thespians.